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Welcome to our Team Profile Page. We have compiled a list of teams and their bios that have fished under their team name for more than 5 years...

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Bill Collector    

Bill Collector
Captain: Nick Foxcroft
Home Port: Port Credit, ONT

Bill Collector 2

Boat: Post 42
Charter: Moby Nick

Tournament Wins:

2014 - 5th Summer Tightlines
2014 - 2nd Spring Scotty
2012 - 1st King of the Lake Overall
2011 - 3rd Tightlines
2009 - 4th Tightlines


Captain: Robert Mortimer
Home Port: Port Credit, ONT


Boat: Carolina Classic 25
Charter: e-fish-in-sea

Tournament Wins:

2015 - 1st Place Salmon Dance Tournament
2015 - 2nd Place Fall King of the Lake
2012 - 8th Place Fall King of the Lake
2011 - 5th Place Summer Tightlines
2010 - 6th Place Summer Tightlines
2007 - 3rd Place Summer Tightlines

Get It Wet    

Get It Wet
Captain: Yvan Charrois
Home Port: Port Dalhousie, ONT

Get It Wet

Boat: 46 Bertram
Charter: Get It Wet Sportfishing

Tournament Wins:

2012 - 2nd Tightlines Shootout
2011 - 1st Pro Niagara Pro Am
2011 - 3rd King of the Lake overall
2009 - 1st King of the Lake Bowmanville

Myles Ahead    

Myles Ahead
Captain: Jeff Dickert
Home Port: Bronte, ONT

Myles Ahead

Boat: 24' Wilker Tournament
Charter: Myles Ahead Sportfishing

Tournament Wins:

2014 - 3rd Fall King of the Lake
2013 - 1st Spring King of the lake Amateur

Silver Junkies    

Silver Junkies
Captain: Pat Comerford & Darryl Day
Home Port: Port Wilson, NY

Silver Junkies

Boat: 27' Tiara

Tournament Wins:

2014 - 1st GLTS Overall Champ
2014 - 1st Summer King of Kings
2013 - 1st GLTS Overall Champ
2013 - 3rd Spring King of Kings
2012 - 2nd Fall KOTL
2011 - 1st Wilson Invitational
2011 - 1st Tightlines Shootout


Captain: Vince Pierleoni
Home Port: Olcott, NY


Boat: 35' Viking, 24' North Coast
Charter: THRILLSEEKER Sportfishing

Tournament Wins:

2015 -1st Niagara Classic Cup
2015 - 1st Niagara Pro-Am
2013 - 1st A-TOM-MIK Invitational
2008 - 1st Tightlines Shootout
2008 - 1st St. Catharine's Spring KOTL
1988-2009 - 11 Pro Am 1st Place Finishes
1995-2006 - 7 Lake Ontario Challenge Cups

Vision Quest    

Vision Quest
Captain: Pete Alex
Home Port: Erie, PA and Wilson, NY

Vision Quest

Boat: 27' Tiara, 31' Tiara, & 37' Tiara
Charter: Vision Quest Sportflshing

Tournament Wins:

2017-FishUSA Overall Champ

2017 1st Fall KOTL

2015 - 1st Summer King of Kings
2014 - 1st Niagara Pro-Am
2012 - 1st Spring King of Kings
2012 - 1st Fall King of the Lake
2008 - 1st Oak Orachard Pro-Am

Yankee Troller    

Yankee Troller
Captain: Richard Hajecki
Home Port: Oak Orchard, NY

Yankke Troller

Boat: Trojan 10 33' Meter
Charter: Crazy Yankee Sportfishing

Tournament Wins:

2015- 1st Oak Orchard Champ
2014 - 1st Oak Orchard Open Champ
2013 - 1st Lake Ontario Challenge Cup
2013 - 1st Niagara County Pro-Am
2013 - 2nd Spring Port Dalhousie KOTL
2012 - 3rd Spring Tightline Shootout
2007 - 1st Orleans County Pro-Am

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